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    finding my way

    I'm a Londoner, living in Umbria these past 5 years. I originally came here to manage eco-project Tribewanted Monestevole. Now, as a 'libera professionista', I continue to organise vacation stays and events at this magical venue.


    I've been involved in meditation, human potential exploration & the healing arts for almost 20 years. Personal and collective evolution is my life-long inspiration. Professionally, my primary love at this point is offering massage, where my many years of practice & training converge into profound relaxation and healing experiences.

    moving & stillness

    a body in motion will heal itself

    Conscious movement practices are a great source of joy, transformation & growth in my life.


    I teach vinyasa flow yoga and practice Esalen massage. Both wonderful ways of experiencing an enhanced sense of embodied presence and integrating body, heart & mind.


    In the UK, I undertook a lengthy apprenticeship and teacher training in dance as meditation practice.


    detail detail detail

    From a major London exhibition attracting 20 000 people, to tourist excursions for a family of four, I've planned successful events - from conception to completion - for lawyers to yogis to entrepreneurs....


    Over the past 5 years I've been organizing tourist stays, weddings, workshops and professional yoga training in Italy, and coordinating adventure travel across the globe.

    animal loving

    being part of a solution

    All animals deserve our love, compassion & respect. I strongly believe that morally & environmentally, we face an imperative to bring awareness and transformation to our collective hunger animal-derived products. I aim to use my professional expertise and experience to better the lives of animals, and our planet as a whole.