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    adrienne levonian

    I've been involved in meditation, human potential exploration & the healing arts for over 20 years. Personal and collective evolution is my life-long inspiration.


    I offer vinyasa flow yoga classes, Esalen Massage and Alchemy of Touch Transformational Bodywork sessions here in Umbria.


    Conscious movement practices are a great source of joy, transformation & growth in my life.


    Both physical practice and receiving bodywork are wonderful ways of experiencing an enhanced sense of embodied presence and integration of body, heart & mind.



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  • Thanks again for the full body massage today.

    It was over the top!!

    I enjoyed the magical ambience with the fragrance of insense, the calm music, the soft towels, and your warm-hearted energy.
    I realized how many tense muscles and “knots” I have. You found them all and treated them with just the perfect pressure.
    The whole massage was in a wonderful flow. I could feel your full awareness from the beginning until the end.
    Thank you so much! I was in heaven :-) and feel very relaxed now.


    P.A., Germany