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    I've been involved in meditation, human potential exploration & the healing arts for over 20 years. Personal and collective evolution is my life-long inspiration.


    I offer vinyasa flow yoga classes and Alchemy of Touch & Esalen Massage sessions here in Umbria,


    I came to Italy to manage eco-project Tribewanted Monestevole. I organise vacation stays and events at this magical venue.

    moving & stillness

    'a body in motion will heal itself'


    Conscious movement practices are a great source of joy, transformation & growth in my life.


    I teach vinyasa flow yoga and practice Alchemy of Touch and Esalen massage.


    Both physical practice and receiving bodywork are wonderful ways of experiencing an enhanced sense of embodied presence and integration of body, heart & mind.



  • adrienne levonian




    alchemy of touch


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    20 years

    event management experience


    6 years

    venue manager, tribewanted monestevole, umbria


    3 years

    festival coordinator, mind body spirit, london