Ethical Truffle Hunting






  • Ethical Truffle Hunting with Giovanni & Artu'

    ...tailor made talks, excursions, meals & picnics...

    uncover the hidden magic of the truffle


    I'm delighted to be collaborating with Giovanni & Artu'.

    Giovanni is a deeply passionate about the art and science of the truffle, and is a veritable mine of information!

    And Artu'....well, aside from being crazy adorable, you have to see to believe the magnificence of his craft!

    Best of all for me is the obvious love and rapport between the two. Not all truffle dogs are treated well - it's super important to me dialogue about the industry, and showcase how things should be done.



    We'd love to set up the

    Truffle Experience that best suits your interests & budget.

    Components could include:

    An excursion into the woods to see what we find!

    Post hunt, truffle-tastic picnic

    Fully catered, truffle-based lunch or dinner

    Talk & info session



    What piques your interest....?

    Some ideas here....or come up with your own!

    There are many areas we could cover in a talk, so depending on your interests we'd love to craft it just for you. Of course we'll offer Q&A too.


    *The critcial issue of dog training! Which dogs can be trained, how do they learn...? Guaranteed to fascinate the dog lovers among us!


    *How to prepare truffles for maximum deliciouness, different types of truffles, where they're found, seasonality.


    *The commercialisation of truffles - what the supermarket products are really made of, and how to recognise quality products.

    Ready to find some truffles?!


    Give me a call, or drop me a line to find out more & chat about options.


    +39 3496 40 46 47